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Did you miss our children’s Christmas Pagent? Or want to live the joy again?

Sarah Petersen, our exceptional Director of Children’s Ministry, orchestrated a truly magnificent and joyful production that encapsulated the spirit of wonder during our 2023 Children’s Pageant on Christmas Eve. Seeing the children walk through the aisle was so heartwarming, every detail radiated with creativity and dedication. Sarah’s passion for nurturing the spiritual growth of our children was evident in the seamless coordination of the young performers, who brought the story to life with infectious enthusiasm. The pageant unfolded like a magical tapestry, weaving together music, song, and performances that left both children and adults alike with a big smile. The Saint Barnabas 2023 Children’s Pageant is a cherished and unforgettable celebration of the Christmas spirit we all look forward to during the season.

Click below to see the video and scroll down more for the wonderful images that our friend and parishioner Scott Williams captured.

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