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Ash Wednesday Bulletin

What is Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday begins the six-week season of Lent. In these services on February 17, we remember that we are dust and to dust we shall return by way of a cross of ashes being marked on our forehead. This reminder of our mortality sets us on our path through this subdued season in which we take a close look at ourselves and who God is calling us to be.

How will we observe it this year?

This year we invite you to something special … perhaps very special. As Ash Wednesday begins Lent with a call to penitence, contrition, and abstinence, so this year we begin this holy season required to abstain from gathering together physically. Yet another loss we are invited to embrace as gain. Separated by distance, we are always together.

The service will be livestreamed at 12:00 pm MST. The service will be recorded and posted on our website for viewing at any time. Click here to join.

Preparing a space…

If possible, we encourage you to prepare a holy space in which to participate in the service. Perhaps you could have a lighted candle, an icon or other prayerful image or symbol, however else you might prepare a holy space, and a place to kneel. If you are able and can so arrange your space, we urge you to prepare a way to kneel.

Receiving ashes…

All Saint Barnabans should be receiving a packet of ashes in the mail ahead of this special day. At the time in the service for the imposition of ashes, you may impose the ashes upon yourself. If you are with someone, you may impose them on one another. There is ample Biblical precedent, as well as throughout the history of the church, for the self-imposition of ashes as a sign of penitence.

For questions about receiving ashes, please call the church office or contact us via email.

We look forward to being with you Ash Wednesday and, indeed, journeying through this holy season together.