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Do you have questions about the Bible or about Christianity and its roles and relationships in the world?  

Most people do and most find it challenging to find answers.  

Education for Ministry was developed by the School of Theology in Sewanee, Tennessee, to provide a means for people to work through their questions. This certificate program is led by mentors who provide a framework for the group to connect faith to their daily lives through reading and discussion.  Meeting once a week in small groups with other Christians helps us learn how to think theologically, reflect faithfully, and speak civilly when confronted by beliefs and principles different from our own.

Being an EfM participant helps us learn how to articulate our faith and to shape our faith into action.  We naturally find ministries that allow us to make a difference.

Since the inception of this unique program in 1975, more than 95,000 people have participated in it.  EfM groups meet regionally in nearly every diocese of The Episcopal Church, in six provinces of the Anglican Communion, and in virtual classrooms with participants from across the globe.

Saint Barnabas EfM seminars begin annually in January. If you have a desire to learn more about Scripture, to build your relationship with God, to learn more about Christianity and its roles and relationships in the world, or to fill an indescribable spiritual ache or emptiness, apply now to become a cohort in our 2024 program. 

To find out more about EfM call the office or send an email to Cynthia McKinley at