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Why did Saint Barnabas start this capital campaign in the first place?

For more than 60 years, we were been surrounded by the desert. Now we are bounded on three sides by a housing development and on two sides by a greenbelt system with a beautiful walking path right alongside our south and east boundaries. Hundreds of new neighbors and visitors will be around us and walking by. Our grounds can now be accessed from the south and the east. We need to make those boundaries beautiful, welcoming, and inviting. Also, the town of Paradise Valley has widened and improved Mockingbird Lane, giving us the opportunity to refresh our front view as well as add welcoming signage for the first time. 

What has happened already?

We began the capital campaign in early 2020, just weeks before Covid shut everything down. Despite that interruption, we have made great progress and have much to celebrate. 96 out of 350 households have already pledged $3.5 million, enough to cover the costs of Phases I and II of the campaign.

What was accomplished in Phase I and has it been paid for?

In Phase I, our “Focus was on Children and Families.” We renovated the Children’s Center, expanded the playground, extended our covered walkway, installed the infrastructure needed for campus-wide high-speed internet access as well replacing Hutton Hall’s AC, as well as replacing roofing, and repairing HVAC.

What is planned for Phase II, when will the work begin, and are funds committed for it? 

“Repairing our Infrastructure” is the focus of Phase II. Within the next 12-18 months (possibly by the end of 2022), we will replace our 35-year-old parking lot which has reached the end of its useful life. This is an extensive project that will not only give us a new parking lot, but will also improve our storm water drainage, install new lighting, integrate our grounds with the new Five Star walking paths, and build big monument signs by our main entry to welcome people to our church. A beautiful new fountain will be installed by the labyrinth.

We are grateful that enough funds are already committed for these improvements and will cover the projected Phase II costs. In addition, Five Star (the company developing the resort) has committed to pay re-landscaping and irrigating the edges of our property so they will be similar to the other side of the walking paths, making it easier to wander onto our grounds.

What will we accomplish in Phase III and how much will it cost?

In this final phase of the campaign, we are turning to “Renovating our Central Grounds.” In particular, we plan to renovate our Hutton Hall kitchen. The kitchen is the central hub of our campus life. The equipment is at the end of its usefulness. We need to reconfigure and expand the space, add new appliances and install new flooring. Also, the women’s and men’s restrooms will be relocated and updated, with the women’s space expanded significantly.  We encourage everyone to attend one of our Gatherings and tour the kitchen to learn more.

The pandemic taught us that our mission extends beyond our grounds.  Video conferencing is a key component of our future. We need video-conferencing capability and equipment so we can make disciples wherever they are in the world. Phase III will also include select landscaping upgrades across campus.

We are restarting the capital campaign with a goal of raising an additional $1.5 million to cover these costs. 

What about Sean’s Place (our youth center) and the Learning Center?

If we can raise additional funding, we would like to do upgrades to both centers. While the buildings are in sound physical condition, new paint, carpeting and other work will help refresh both facilities. We also would like to make some hardscape changes to the outdoor spaces in the central part of the grounds.

Will I be asked to contribute? If so, when?

All of our members (and friends) are being invited to participate in our campaign, and we hope all will be inspired to do so. It would be terrific to achieve 100% participation from our entire worshiping community. We can do this. There is no commitment too small and there is certainly no commitment too large! Our Phase III ends on Commitment Sunday, May 22. Gifts and commitments can be made throughout the campaign as well as after it has ended. Our campaign invites us to consider one-time gifts or one- to five-year commitments. Pledges can be paid at any time depending on how you would like to structure it: annually, monthly, weekly or all at once.

Can I give through my will or estate?

Yes. When working with your financial planners, please search for us through our legal name: The Episcopal Parish of Saint Barnabas on the Desert. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Vinger during office hours at 480.355.9750.

What if we don’t raise all the money?

The master plan is flexible. Once we know how much the formal campaign has raised, the Vestry will determine the priorities of what will be done. During the campaign, we will be asking for feedback from everyone, too.

How much should I give?

We are doing our best to inform everyone of the needs. Then we encourage each of us to say our prayers and do what we believe we are being led to do.

When are pledge commitments due? 

Pledges to the Capital Campaign can be paid at any time depending on how you would like to structure it: annually, monthly, weekly or all at once. 

How long will my commitment be?

Your commitment can be anywhere from 1-5 years in length.

If I pledged in Phase I, how do I fulfill my pledge?

If you pledged in Phase I, Thank You! You can continue to fulfill your commitment as you originally planned, that is, all at once, annually, monthly, or weekly.

If I pledged in Phase I, will I be asked to pledge again?

If you pledged in Phase I, we are very grateful for your support. Phase III pledges will target different projects. Depending on your situation, we ask that you prayerfully consider whether you will make an additional pledge to help achieve our Phase III goals.