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What is Welcoming the Neighborhood all about?

Several years ago, as planning began for the Five Star development surrounding Saint Barnabas, we took the opportunity to assess the condition of our grounds. The new development was to provide a greenbelt system with a beautiful walking path next to the east and south boundaries of Saint Barnabas. These plans would allow our neglected “backside” to be on view, so we began to think about how to make our grounds more welcoming and inviting to our new neighbors. To coincide with an additional plan by the Town of Paradise Valley to widen and improve Mockingbird Lane, we decided it was also time to refresh our front entrance and create a more substantial presence for those passing by. These plans were the beginning of our capital campaign, Welcoming the Neighborhood, now more than seven years in the making.

Welcoming the Neighborhood provides us with the opportunity to honor those who came before us, making Saint Barnabas the place it is today, while focusing on the goal of making improvements we can all enjoy now, and for generations to come.

What have we done so far?

We have already accomplished a lot! In early 2020 we began a capital campaign to raise funds for these plans. Through the generosity of our parish, we received just over $3.5 million in pledges. This enabled us to renovate the Children’s Center, expand the playground, extend our covered walkway, install the infrastructure for high-speed internet access, and make other repairs.

How will we pay for this final work? 

Last spring, we resumed the capital campaign after a delay due to the pandemic. We received about $1 million in additional pledges. We give thanks that we can move forward on our improvements, which include repairing the parking lot and completing extensive renovations in Hutton Hall.

When will the remaining work begin?

The exterior phase of our project will begin on May 3. The entire parking lot will be resurfaced and new lighting will increase visibility and safety. New landscaping will be added around the perimeter of our grounds. New monument signs will attract travelers to our main entrance. A cross will be mounted on the exterior east wall of the Sanctuary, creating more visibility to pedestrians on the walking path. A beautiful fountain will be installed by our labyrinth.

The Hutton Hall kitchen will receive a complete remodel with new appliances, flooring and counters. A walk-in refrigerator will enhance our kitchen’s usability, and the restrooms will be relocated and updated. That work will start April 24, 2023.

When will the work be completed?

We aim to finish our work by early September, before our busier fall season resumes.

What inconvenience can we expect?

While our grounds will remain open, there will inevitably be some disruptions. The work on the parking lot will be conducted in two parts. The front (west) parking lot will remain open during the first stage of construction, while parking all around the perimeter and the east side will not be available. Following completion of stage one, the front parking lot will be closed while the perimeter and east parking lots will be opened. Hutton Hall will be closed over the summer.

Will you have more details as work gets started?

Yes, we will keep you informed. Please watch our weekly emails (click here to subscribe), read the Sunday bulletin inserts, and listen for announcements in our worship service for updates on parking or other activities. Be alert for any special communications regarding construction, follow signs on site, allow for a little extra time to find your parking space, and call the church if you have concerns or suggestions. Thank you!