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Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) serve the bread and/or wine during Holy Communion at all Eucharistic worship services at Saint Barnabas. This ministry of imparting the body and blood of Christ dates back to the earliest traditions of the Christian church. We take the Body of Christ into ourselves, which nourishes us to take the message of God’s love out into the world.

The only requirements for this ministry are steady hands for carrying the cup or plate and steady feet for traversing the steps by the altar rail. Lay Eucharistic Ministers may serve the chalice of wine in partnership with a priest or another LEM serving the bread. A Lay Eucharistic Minister may also assist a priest who is serving communion to those in the congregation who aren’t physically able to come to the altar rail. We will train new LEMs to navigate our altar-in-the-round.

For more information about becoming a Lay Eucharistic Minister,
please contact Trish Refo.