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2017 Lenten Program

Lenten Gospels: Temptation, Mercy and the Cross.

Lent brings us some of the richest stories of Jesus’ interactions with the devil, with  people, and finally with his Father in Heaven and we invited parishioners to engage with one of these gospel passages to create art for the deepening of our faith during this special Lenten season.

Lenten Gospels

Click the following links to read each gospel that was presented in worship during 2017.

Ash Wednesday: Matthew 6:1-6,16-21
(read in church on March 1)

Artist: Nicolle Martin


Lent 1: Matthew 4:1-11
(read in church on March 5)

Artist: Liza Bell


Lent 2: John 3:1-17
(read in church on March 12)

Artist: Mary Arendt


Artist: Ron Steege


Lent 3: John 4:5-42
(read in church on March 19)

Artist: Bill Dauphinais

Artist: Misty Vogtritter


Lent 4: John 9:1-41
(read in church on March 26)

Artist: Mary Bradley


Lent 5: John 11:1-45
(read in church on April 2)

Artist: Susan Ennis


Artist: Rene McGovern


Palm Sunday: The Triumphal Entry: Matthew 21:1-11
(read in church on April 9: beginning of service)

Artist: Nancy Backes

Palm Sunday: The Sunday of the Passion: Matthew 26:14- 27:66
(read in church on April 9: end of service)

Artist: Willie Francis

Artist: Bill Ellis


Lenten Gospel Collage: Tony Conyers


2016 Lenten Art Program

The 2016 Lenten Program entitled “The Artist’s Way of the Cross” gave us access to some of the most compelling visual representations of each of the 14 Stations of the Cross that we could never have imagined (view them here).


It became clear to us: art and artistic expression is in the DNA of Saint Barnabas and we cannot let both the desire to express it and our hunger to receive these expressions go unmet.

We will be making it a point to periodically each year find a way to call on our parish artists to go within themselves and find ways to translate scripture, song, prayers, and stories into what God has put in them to create.