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The Saint Barnabas Mental Health Task Force gathers parishioners seeking to learn more about and provide comfort to those living with mental illness. We also host a variety of educational lectures throughout the year designed to raise community awareness of mental health issues.

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How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our children, and how do we move forward? A prolonged period of social isolation and home schooling upended our children’s worlds, and children and parents alike face myriad challenges as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. The Mental Health Task Force is pleased to offer a presentation on post-pandemic parenting led by our speaker Karis Murray, Director of Ministry at Grace Based Families, and a member of Saint Barnabas. She is the author of Grace Based Discipline, and she lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Mike, and two teenage daughters.

Enriching Emotional Intelligence During Challenging Times Online Webinar Recording of the Zoom Webinar featuring psychologist, Ellie Izzo, Ph.D., and Episcopal Priest, The Rev. Robert Berra. This program offers the psychological and spiritual means to healthily navigate through times of stress, empowering us to help ourselves and others in a productive way. Enriching Emotional Intelligence During Challenging Times is a follow-up to Dr. Izzo’s well attended, much praised May 22 Webinar sponsored by The Mental Health Task Force at Saint Barnabas.

On May 14, 2020 our Mental Health Task Force hosted a free webinar, “Managing Anxiety in the Time of Global Trauma.” If you missed the live meeting on Zoom, you can watch it below:

The program begins with the introduction of Dr. Ellie Izzo at 16:45.

To learn more about our next meeting or to get involved in this ministry, please contact Barb Hucek or Jane Parkinson.