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Since a recent storm felled the majestic old mesquite tree on the Saint Barnabas grounds, a dedicated working group of parishioners is aiming to preserve the tree – and they are seeking your help with the project!

Research has revealed that the tree was about 150 years old. Further careful research and expert consultation have guided the process of moving the tree, cutting it strategically to best preserve its usefulness, then transporting the wood to the Wine Glass Bar Sawmill in Phoenix to be cut into usable lumber.

Here is where you come in!

The working group is seeking two things, in order of priority:

1) Storage space: Before it can be used effectively, the cut lumber must first be left to dry, age, and season for up to a year in storage. We can’t skip this essential step, so finding storage for the wood is an urgent priority. If you have access to or know of any warehouse space in the Valley that might be available, please contact Bruce Williams

2) Ideas for how to use the beautiful and durable salvaged mesquite wood. Once the lumber is ready, we need to decide how to use it! Suggestions to date include benches for the Memorial Garden and the new children’s playground; a conference table; Eucharistic vessels; stunning writing utensils (everyone in the church family could make their own pen!); and/or commemorative creations for fundraising purposes.

We welcome your suggestions about how we can honor the tree and make the most of this creative opportunity. Special thanks to Tom Baker, Chris Winters, Rosario Oliva, Jon, and Tammy Underwood for their dedication to this project – let’s see where it goes from here! Please contact Bruce Williams with your suggestions and ideas.