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Christmas Pageant Resources

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Pageant Announcements

Dec 24: Please report to HUTTON HALL for costuming by 2:30pm. Children’s Choir members should arrive at 2:00pm. All children and their helpers will enter the church together about 10 minutes before the service starts.

If you took a script with you after rehearsal, please bring it to the pageant if you would like to follow along. There will be a few additional copies available in Hutton Hall for helpers who are guiding the children.

Children and helpers will sit in pews reserved for them either at the back of the church (Magi and shepherds) or on the floor at the front (angels and animals). Parents are welcome to sit in the pews or on the floor. They can also sit on the altar steps with little ones.

Unless your child is in the Children’s Choirs, they will be moving to sit with you after the pageant, so be sure to use a SEAT SAVER. Savers are available from the ushers.

NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY in the church, please!

In consideration for others, please refrain from standing during the pageant or moving into the aisle to take pictures. There will be children processing up the center aisle as part of the pageant story.

Don’t forget that the Pageant will be live-streamed on our website: It will be available continuously from then on through our YouTube channel: Saint Barnabas on the Desert Episcopal Church

The best photo opportunity will be outside right after the service. Children may keep their costumes on for pictures. Afterwards, all costumes and props should be returned to Hutton Hall.

There’s a Spotify playlist of all the pageant songs, including the opening and closing hymns. In the days leading up to the pageant, please listen as often as possible – in the car, during dinner, any time! We also have a lyric sheet that gives specifics about which verses we’ll be singing.

Saint Barnabas Christmas Pageant Playlist

Christmas pageant lyrics Christmas Pageant Script