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  • Monday through Friday from 8:30-11:30am. Registration fees cover the cost of supplies, instruction, daily snack, and a t-shirt for each camper.
  • Please contact us at if you are in need of a scholarship. We do not want finances to keep anyone from participating in Summer Music + Arts Camp.
  • Please consider making a donation to our scholarship fund for Summer Music + Arts Camp.
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  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • Please provide the best contact person and phone number for camp hours (8:30-11:30am).
  • Camper Information

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  • Emergency Contacts and Authorized Pick Up Persons

    List the individuals (if any) who are not parents that we may contact in an emergency and who you authorize to pick up your camper(s) at the end of a session.
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  • Digital Agreements

  • I hereby release Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church, its directors, officers, employees and volunteers from responsibility and liability for any injury or illness that my child(ren) may sustain during Summer Music + Arts Camp. In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize an adult leader of this activity, as agents for me, to consent to any x-ray examination, medical, dental or surgical diagnosis, treatment and hospital care advised and supervised by a physician, surgeon, or dentist (as appropriate), licensed to practice under the laws of the state where the services are rendered, either at a doctor’s office or in any hospital. As a parent/legal guardian I expect to be contacted as soon as possible.
  • As a parent or legal guardian of the child/children I am registering, I grant permission for my child/children to participate in Summer Music and Arts Camp and/or Virtue-All Camp 2021. I give permission for photography of my child to be used on the Saint Barnabas website, Facebook page, newsletter, and other printed/digital publications for no purpose except that of promoting the life and community of Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church. For preschool, I understand that if I do not want my child recorded in live Zoom sessions, I will be responsible for disabling the video function.
  • I certify that by typing my name below in the Electronic Signature Field and submitting this form, I intend to sign this document and be bound to the same extent as if I had provided a physical signature.
  • Payment