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Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church is committed to helping people grow in their faith and develop a closer relationship with God. Our contemplative life ministry offers many ways in which to foster an awareness of God’s presence and action within, one of which is the Saint Barnabas Labyrinth.

By freeing the mind and offering insight through meditation, the Labyrinth walk can be a spiritual tool of transformation. It can foster healing, be a source of solace in grief, guide people in the midst of life transitions, and illumine one’s life purpose. An ancient spiritual practice, people of all faiths who long to re-connect to their faith and open themselves to God’s presence choose to walk labyrinths.

The entrance of the labyrinth can be a place to pause, ponder, and ask for guidance. The walk toward the center twists and turns back on itself many times (as does our path in life).  This part of the walk can be a “letting go” of life’s troubles and distractions, an opening to God’s presence, and a welcoming of the gift of the present moment. Arrival at the center can be a time of prayer/meditation, accepting God’s guidance, and receiving the divine into our lives. The walk out of the labyrinth takes us back into our daily lives, newly empowered with the calmness of God’s presence.

Unlike a maze where you lose your way, the labyrinth is a spiritual tool that can help you find your way. The Saint Barnabas Labyrinth is a place for people to enter into this sacred walk not merely once but to use it as part of an enduring spiritual practice.