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Children have the gift of wonder and curiosity, and they love to learn. Responding to this love is a parent’s most cherished responsibility. At Saint Barnabas, we strive to support the parent by forming these gifts and this love in a lively community of faith. Our children’s Sunday School classes weave together stories of faith with developmentally focused, hands-on methods of learning that engage children’s curiosity.

9am Classes in the Children’s Center

Infant and Toddler Sunday School (birth-age 3)

Children are immersed in a loving, supportive environment in which they grow alongside one another in community. Our littlest ones hear songs and stories. They also have a feast (snack) together. Parents are welcome to attend and participate with their children.

Preschool (age 4)-Grade 2: Godly Play

Children in preK through Grade 2 meet in our orange Godly Play classroom. All children participating in Godly Play engage in storytelling, wondering, and response work. An internationally recognized program developed with more than 30 years of research with children, the Godly Play curriculum uses Montessori methods to tell stories to children and allow them to respond from the heart. Children are supported by two adult mentors in each classroom: the Doorperson and Storyteller.

For more information, visit the Godly Play Foundation and the Godly Play Foundation YouTube channel for example stories and sessions.

Grades 3-6: Upper Elementary Sunday School

Older children engage in Bible study based on the church’s lectionary, the assigned readings for each Sunday. They are asked open-ended, wondering questions that help them make connections among their life, community, the world, and God. Then the children are invited to respond with art projects using a variety of media.

Children and parents are invited to participate in supervised playground activities between Sunday School and the 10:15AM service. The children process from the playground to Children’s Chapel and then join their parents for holy communion during the announcements.

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