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Artist: Edward J. Wimmer

Medium: Pen & ink on vellum

Station: Jesus is condemned to death


Harsh black and white appearance reflects the starkness of the event. Illustrative art communicates the literal Word in the tradition of religious storytelling. Jesus, stripped to a loincloth, shows scourge marks from beating: brightness from holiness. Jesus extends arms in submission to his fate: a prelude to the same as his arms on the Cross. Pontius Pilate depicted as military governor symbolizes occupation by the Romans. His raised left hand to release Barabbas, standing beside, while pointing condemnation at Jesus. Being on a balcony shows the large crowd yelling for Barabbas’ release; in the distance at the right of the view is the hill of the crucifixion.

Conversation with the Artist

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About The Rev. Jim Clark

Rector/Senior Pastor at Saint Barnabas. Follower of Jesus. Husband and father of four. Grateful Episcopalian. Energized by resting in the boundless Presence within. Enjoy being with my beloved, family, friends, work, photography, and fly-fishing.