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Musical Meditation

Title: Mary’s Song

Instrument: Native American Flute

Musician: Jenn Steege

Musician’s Statement

This musical offering begins as a lullaby…. and moves into a lament. Mary’s initial soft crooning tones are followed by a musical interpretation of the anguish and questioning of her heart. Her agonized acceptance is reached and then resolved within the song’s final notes. The music of the Native American flute is rooted in an uncommon scale for Western music. This indigenous instrument encourages channeling the energy of the player away from technique and toward creative free expression. Mary’s Song is played on a Western Red Cedar F#m flute made by Ed Hrebec of Spirit of the Woods Flutes.


Play the video below to listen to Mary’s Song followed by a conversation with Jenn Steege:

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About The Rev. Erika von Haaren

Vicar at Saint Barnabas. Priested and at Saint Barnabas since 2006. Certified Daring Way Facilitator. Jesus follower, gratitude practitioner, wife, mother to three little ones who keep me joyful and honest.