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Although much has changed in our lives over this past year, Saint Barnabas is still committed to Continuing Our Mission. This means continuing events such as The Great Saint Barnabas Food Drive, maintaining involvement in our community as much as we can, and updating our Mexico Medical Mission in new and exciting ways. Over the months, you have helped us in our monthly efforts to feed the homeless in two communities in Mexico through your generous donations and steadfast discipleship. And now in December, in lieu of our Mexico Medical Mission team sending gifts to children in Mexico, Pastor Ruben and his family created Navidad en Ruedas | Christmas on Wheels. Our disciples at Saint Barnabas helped in creating individual gifts for 91 children that included a toy and clothing which were then hand-delivered to families across these communities. We are so overjoyed at the involvement we have seen in helping these communities and bringing Christmas to children even in uncertain times. Here is a message of thanks from Cindy Carter of the Saint Barnabas Mexico Medical Mission:


“Words can’t express our thanks to you/the congregation for supporting these efforts in a time when we cannot send goods as they cannot cross the border to pick them up…and when the needs are so very great…even more than in the ‘normal’ times.”


So again, thank you! Helping others is especially important now, and none of these efforts would be possible without your overwhelming support. For more info on the Mexico Medical Mission in 2020, please click here.

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