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Greetings St. Barnabas parishioners,

As most of you know, we lost a very special mesquite tree on campus during a summer storm two years ago. A small working group of tree-loving parishioners was formed to have the tree taken to a sawmill and processed. The sawmill owners have told us that the available wood is some of the prettiest they have seen.


The working group identified a small number of projects that the church might want to pursue and set aside lumber for those projects. These include a conference table, an altar for the 10:21 service, and other service pieces.

We still have 50 pieces of lumber that we need to sell, and we want to give church family and friends the first opportunity to purchase this inventory. We have included pictures of each piece of wood, its approximate dimensions, and an asking price. The lumber is being stored in a warehouse, and depending on your requests we will schedule periodic times for you to examine the wood. The wood has dried to a moisture content of under 8% and is ready to be used.

We have been working with the WineglassBar sawmill throughout this process, and they have been very accommodating to St. Barnabas. They believe the wood should be kiln dried to make sure all bugs are killed, and they will do that for you at a reasonable fee. In addition, they will take all the wood we do not sell to the St. Barnabas community, and sell it for us on consignment.

If you have an interest in purchasing wood, please send an email to: Bruce Williams with the numbers of the pieces you might be interested in buying. We will tentatively schedule time on the Payment will be accepted by check to St. Barnabas.

Thank you for your interest in this very special lumber from our campus. If you have any questions, please email Bruce, Tom Baker or Dan Colton.

Thank you for supporting Saint Barnabas with your purchases.

With Gratitude,

Tom, Dan and Bruce

These images below of the wooden cart displayed at our 2023 Thanksgiving Day Service was made with pieces of wood from this tree. The cart was graciously constructed and assembled by Jim Piscopo from Bridging Arizona Furniture Bank to whom we are forever grateful!

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