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Episcopal Spirituality intentionally and definitively finds its roots in Jesus’ teaching and practice. In these three forums, our former Rector, Jim Clark, shows us how The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture is a modern, Episcopal way of following Jesus’ practice.

What you can expect if you join a taehs small group 

  • Bible study that leads to and prepares for prayer. Prior to coming to Saint Barnabas, Rev. Jim Clark worked with members of his former parish for ten years to write a “Bible study curriculum for Episcopalians,” with the goals of putting the Bible into the hands of the people, and letting the Bible be the starting place for conversations with God. This conversational approach makes all the difference.
  • The curriculum consists of a method for reading, studying, and praying with the Bible, and a process for small groups (7 to 12 people). Each study includes commentary by Rev. Jim that makes the Bible passages more accessible and assists in the taehs method.
  • Taehs has been used at Saint Barnabas since 2004; it is also used in several other Episcopal churches.

From a participant: “Just reading the Bible I never got much out of it except from a historical perspective, but now I feel it is my story. It is particularly revealing that God speaks to each of us right where we are – thus many different answers from individuals.  I have grown in an awareness of God’s love for us more than I ever knew before.” 

Episcopal Spirituality Week 1

January 21 2024 | The Rev Jim Clark

Episcopal Spirituality Week 2

January 28 2024 | The Rev Jim Clark

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Ode To Joy: An Artistic Legacy at Saint Barnabas

Episcopal Spirituality Week 3

February 4 2024 | The Rev Jim Clark

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Episcopal Spirituality Week 4

February 11 2024 | The Rev Jim Clark

To sign up or if you have questions, contact Ann Hott our TAEHS coordinator, by clicking HERE

More information is available by CLICKING HERE

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