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🌟Celebrating Peace and Unity🌟

A Recap of Saint Barnabas’ Walk As One For Peace Event!

What an incredible day it was as Saint Barnabas hosted its first Walk As One For Peace gathering! With hearts open and spirits lifted, 58 amazing individuals graced our campus to partake in a morning filled with peace and prayer. And guess what? We weren’t alone in this journey! Thousands across the globe joined hands in a beautiful display of unity and harmony.

But none of this magic would have been possible without the dedication and mindful presence of every one of you. From the depths of our hearts, the Contemplative Life Ministries Team extends a heartfelt thank you to our incredible Saint Barnabas staff. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm paved the way for this remarkable event.

A special shoutout goes to the talented Jenn Steege, whose enchanting Native American flute melodies added a touch of serenity to our day. Let’s also extend our gratitude to Ron Steege for his invaluable contribution to bringing Jenn’s music to life. Together, you created the cornerstone of yesterday’s beauty!

Curious to hear more of Jenn’s soul-stirring music? Simply tune in to your favorite streaming service and let her melodies transport you to a place of peace and tranquility. Additionally, don’t forget to explore “First Breath,” a mesmerizing composition crafted by Jenn specifically for contemplative prayer and meditation.

Dear friends, as we continue on our spiritual journey, remember that there are many paths leading to God. We eagerly anticipate walking alongside every one of you on this sacred journey.

During Saturday’s event, one of the most heartwarming moments was discovering a painted rock at the labyrinth bearing the simple yet profound message: “Love Always Wins.” And indeed, it did, thanks to every one of you who contributed to the warmth and love that filled the air.

Scroll down below to relive the magic through captivating images and videos from the event. Let’s continue spreading love, peace, and unity as we journey together on the path toward a brighter tomorrow! ✨🙏🌍

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