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In 2018, the Pastoral Care ministry of Saint Barnabas sought to provide a road map for preparing faithfully for the end of life. We will all die, but how we die, what we leave behind, and how those we love celebrate our life after we’re gone are all things we can influence. The 5-part series from 2018-2019 was an ever-deepening look at what it all means:

  • Session One: Thriving Through Your Lifetime
  • Session Two: Legal Planning for your Whole Life
  • Session Three: The Spirituality of Dying
  • Session Four: Health Planning at the End of Life
  • Session Five: Planning Your Memorial Service

View the slideshow provided for Session 4: Health Planning at the End of Life:

Medical Planning at the End of Life

We look forward to the 2019-2020 series which will be led by The Barnabas Legacy Society team!

To learn more about the first year program, contact The Rev. Elizabeth Roles at

To learn more about The Barnabas Legacy Society, please contact Chair of the committee, Lou Comus at