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Over 60 years ago, people of great vision dreamed a dream and planted a church in the desert.

With great faith, generosity, and courage, they donated land, developed a plan, and built the first buildings. They made sure there was ample room for expansion and parking.

One particular virtue stands out to me – Hope. Our founders had great hope in God … and in us. They believed we would carry their dream, their legacy, forward.

We now find ourselves in the midst of remarkable change and a bustling community.

Now we are dreaming a renewed dream — the dream of a revitalized, reinvigorated Saint Barnabas. The Spirit of the living God thrives within our community with a generous welcome. Our time of great faith, generosity, and courage has come to ensure that our buildings and grounds also thrive with a generous, profound welcome.

Our time to be inspired by the Hope of our founders and carry that Hope forward has come. With God’s help, we will!

Jim Clark, Rector/Senior Pastor






Almighty God, whose loving hand has entrusted us with all that we have: Grant us grace that we may honor you during this time of Welcoming the Neighborhood to Saint Barnabas. Give us wisdom to see the possibilities you’ve laid before us, give us courage to step out in faith to fulfill these possibilities, and give us hope that the tomorrow we are building will bear fruit for your Kingdom.