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The Parish Post

Welcome to the first-ever Saint Barnabas Parish Post! With this project every household of every age and location can stay connected during these unprecedented times! We’re looking forward to seeing all the wonderful messages you’ll share with each other and Saint Barnabas. Scroll down to watch the video and read the instructions.

Here’s how it works:

All Saint Barnabas families will receive a stationary kit from Saint Barnabas. Enclosed you will find three (3) pre-stamped postcards and three address labels. If you don’t receive your Parish Post within the next several days, please contact the office.

    1. Choose two of the postcards to write to households shown on the address labels.
    2. Choose one postcard to send back to Saint Barnabas. This message will be included in a “Parish Post Magazine” that will be sent out to everyone in the parish toward the end of the year.
    3. Drop your postcards in the mail! We encourage you to mail them prior to Thanksgiving however, please mail them no later than Monday, December 7; to ensure your message is included in the Parish Post Magazine!
    4. Watch your mailbox for a postcard from a fellow parishioner, too!

If everyone mails their cards, the whole parish will be encouraged by one another. So please join the fun!

Snail Mail Tips:

● Write whatever is in your heart as you reflect on what Saint Barnabas means to you. There are conversation starters included on each postcard.

● If you like, draw or color a picture, – and we’re happy if you’d rather simply write a message too!

● Because of your participation, two households from Saint Barnabas will receive a warm message the good, old-fashioned, snail-mail way! And doesn’t mail mean even more than usual these days?

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