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The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture (TAEHS): A Study Curriculum for Adult Small Groups


July 11-14

8:30am – 4:30pm each day
St. Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal Church
5600 Ranch Road 620 N.
Austin, TX 78732

Please note: registration is now closed.

Taste the fruits of the Spirit in a new way.

Discover how to pray with the Bible in small groups.


Much more than a typical Bible study, The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture (TAEHS) integrates the ancient practice of praying the Bible with modern approaches to studying the Bible in a dynamic small group process. TAEHS awakens participants to the presence of the Holy Spirit in the text, in their own selves, in their sisters and brothers, and, finally, in their common life together. This dynamic process bears the fruit of a vibrant community of the Spirit.

Over 10 years in the making, the TAEHS curriculum was developed by The Rev. Jim Clark, Rector of Saint Barnabas on the Desert, Scottsdale, AZ. Jim explains: “We wanted to put the Bible back in the hands of the people as a foundational source for their spiritual journey. What was interesting to us was that people valued the Bible highly yet seemed afraid of it. Then, as the idea of a curriculum developed, we noticed a great hunger not just for the Bible but also for small groups. As a result, TAEHS developed as a small group curriculum. “

TAEHS integrates adult learning models and methods, small group dynamics, and Benedictine spirituality. Profound transformations occur, springing from the joyful experience of the Spirit in the life of the community.



The Rev. Jim Clark

TAEHS curriculum author Jim Clark is the rector of Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church in Scottsdale, AZ, where transformational TAEHS small groups have been thriving for over ten years. Jim will be leading Facilitator Training in Austin, TX.

The Rev. Parker Jameson (Austin, TX Trainer)

Parker Jameson is an Episcopal parish priest, now retiring after 35 years. He planted the TAEHS community at St. Luke’s on the Lake in Austin, TX in 2009. Parker is now responding to a ministry that calls him to the casting and nurturing of TAEHS “seeds” in the wider Church.

Paula Jameson (Austin, TX Trainer)

Located in Austin, TX, Paula Jameson is a spiritual director, retreat leader, and oral historian who has been a practicing TAEHS facilitator since 2010. Together with her husband, Parker, she is now responding to a call to help spread the practice of TAEHS.

Ann Hott (Scottsdale, AZ Trainer)

Ann Hott is a TAEHS facilitator at Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church in Scottsdale, AZ, where she has led TAEHS small groups for over 10 years. She has walked with dozens of church and non-church members as they have learned the TAEHS method of praying scripture. Also a trained spiritual director, Ann graduated from the CDFM-AZ spiritual direction training program in 2013.


This four-day facilitator training provides you with everything you need to launch a TAEHS program in your church or other setting.

  1. Learn the unique TAEHS method of engaging Scripture
  2. Learn the dynamic TAEHS small group process
  3. Become a skilled facilitator — create the environment for caring and engaged small groups
  4. Receive everything you need to launch TAEHS small groups in your church or other setting.

You will receive the first FULL-YEAR of TAEHS curriculum. This foundational year provides 30 weeks of TAEHS curriculum and includes:

  • A fresh look at the story of God’s people in Holy Scripture (the “MetaNarrative”)
  • Charts and outlines to help beginners navigate their way through the Bible and connect the Bible with our Eucharistic liturgy
  • The MetaNarrative of Holy Eucharist
  • Meeting Jesus afresh in Gospel stories. Learning to be led by the Spirit in a community of the Spirit.

Following the foundational year, four additional years of curriculum are available.



Who should attend TAEHS Facilitator Training?

If you are interested in leading meaningful, Scripture-oriented small groups in your church or other setting you are urged to attend. Both lay people and clergy are welcome, individually or in groups.

Clergy are urged to participate with members of your church. The TAEHS curriculum affords an ideal opportunity to mentor and equip lay leaders. TAEHS small groups also offer an excellent new member incorporation opportunity; new members make fast friends and find meaningful engagement through involvement in a TAEHS small group. Whether for new or long time members, TAEHS participation forms disciples.


Please note: registration is now closed.