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What are people saying about TAEHS?

Feedback is solicited at the end of each TAEHS curriculum segment.  We share the following comments from participants:


“Being in a TAEHS group has given us a place for spiritual friendships. Providing a safe place for people to be vulnerable grows incredible intimacy. My family really needed a community, and this provided one for us quickly.”



“The development of community with those in the TAEHS class has been a great gift and has strengthened my resolve in rejoining the church.”



“The ‘engaging’ is what I enjoy most about the curriculum. Instead of ‘studying’ the book we learn to have a conversation with the Living Word. We respond honestly (which may be confusion, surprise, anger, joy, doubt, or comfort), take those questions and thoughts to God and seek to perceive a response. It’s amazing what we learn from listening to each others’ experiences and stories. Each group member has become my comrade on a journey. We may be stumbling along, but we are not alone and God has not been silent.”



“I have been in the TAEHS program since the beginning. In fact, I’m still in the same group with several of the original participants, as well as our original facilitator, Kathi R. Being a part of this program has brought so much meaning to my daily prayer life. I had never been in a Bible study group before and I have learned so much. It has truly changed my spiritual journey. I recently went on a two-week tour of Israel and Jordan. Had it not been for TAEHS I wouldn’t have gotten so much out of the trip. To walk in so many of the places where our Lord did was very humbling and inspiring.”



“Just reading the Bible I never got much out of it except from a historical perspective, but now I feel it is my story.”



“It is particularly revealing that God speaks to each of us right where we are – thus many different answers from individuals.  I have grown in an awareness of God’s love for us more than I ever knew before.”



“The sharing and insight I get from fellow group members really helps me see the readings with new eyes. I was apprehensive at first, thought I didn’t know “enough” to contribute. It has instead been very supportive and fruitful. It’s amazing.”