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This series is all about practice, practice, practice.

We’ll learn how our rich Episcopal heritage, dating all the way back to the first century (Yes! The first century; see, you’ve already learned something!), gives us tried and true wisdom for following Jesus.

Our heritage provides us with wisdom for the practice of

  • drawing close to Jesus in prayer
  • joining Jesus in serving and healing a hurting world
  • being an integral member of a community that makes a difference
  • responding generously to a generous God
  • sharing boundless, benevolent Presence with a hungry, thirsty world, and
  • thinking and learning about God.

We’ll explore how our celebrated “Three-Legged Stool” of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason gives us dynamic spaciousness for finding God and our own selves.

We’ll learn to use our Book of Common Prayer’s guidance for prayer in virtually every situation we encounter.

We’ll also provide a framework for you to go deeply into why you are an Episcopalian and what it is about this particular way of following Jesus that keeps holding your soul and bringing you back.

This series will also serve as adult preparation for Baptism and Confirmation or for being received into the Episcopal Church from another tradition.

Email Rev. Robert to learn when our next session will be!