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Memories of support and connection keep parishioner Phyllis Rector returning to thoughts of Gratitude. Gratitude for those who made a difference in the lives of her three children who grew up at Saint Barnabas, gratitude for the opportunity to grow as a person through readings and sermons, and gratitude for this community. In her talk, Phyllis asks us to turn our attention to the needs of the physical space of Saint Barnabas, a sacred place where God resides, and express our hope and love to improve this place that sustains us and keeps us coming back. Click the video above to hear Phyllis’ message about our Phase III Welcoming the Neighborhood project.

Parishioner Emily Krob sees her time at Saint Barnabas as an opportunity to “hit the reset button” to fall back into the boundless Presence of God. This is why she wants to ensure that through our Welcoming the Neighborhood capital project, our environment is made to match the wonderful people, programs and community that make up Saint Barnabas.

The anthems parishioner Linda Killmer sings in the choir on Sunday serves as a form of prayer that colors her life throughout each week. This experience illuminates her life at Saint Barnabas, growing her love for the community and all that it has to offer. Click the video above to listen to Linda’s story, and see below the words of the anthem that she shares with us.

“Bless Thou the Lord, o my soul. Blessed art Thou, O Lord. Bless the Lord and forget not all His benefits; and all that is within me bless His Holy name. He is full of compassion and mercy, long suffering and great in goodness. He will not always be chiding nor keepeth He His wrath forever. O blessed art Thou, O Lord.” (Bless Thou the Lord, O My Soul, Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov)

Because Saint Barnabas plays such a strong role in her life, it simply follows that she would contribute to preserving it for future generations. Will you join her? Click below to pledge your support to our Welcoming the Neighborhood Capital Project.

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“Communion.” It is one of those words that is so important in our community because when we commune, we grow. We experience this together in church as we worship, but communion is also about sharing a gift or intimate fellowship. It is something that happens all around the grounds of Saint Barnabas and all throughout the year. And Hutton Hall, our parish hall, is a focal point of our communion life together. As we gather together there… enjoy fellowship…make, serve, and share meals…volunteer to serve others: so much of our communion ministry is happening right there in Hutton Hall. How has the time you’ve spent in our parish hall helped you and your family? How can we improve Hutton Hall to make it more inviting and expand our opportunities to grow as a community?

We now are enjoying the heartwarming results of the first phase of our Welcoming the Neighborhood project with the Grand Opening of our Children’s Center. We can see the joy on our children’s faces and witness the brimming community growing around them. Next, with open arms, we continue our work toward building our future together. Let us rekindle our enthusiasm for the love of our church and its legacy. Watch this recording of our presentation on our relaunch day, March 20, 2022.

Click here to view the PDF slideshow presentation.

The day arrived! On October 17, 2021 we celebrated the grand opening of our newly renovated Children’s Center as Phase 1 of our Welcoming the Neighborhood project came to completion. Alleluia! In the midst of challenging and uncertain times, your generosity, faith, and courage have made it possible for us to launch our beautification project.

Built in 1961, the Children’s Center is one of our campus’ original buildings. In the decades since then, hundreds of children have felt safe… felt home here. It’s a building bursting with energy, fun, and young people learning to live and love in community and then becoming life-changing adults for others. This work of revitalization is both our responsibility and our privilege. Together, we are carrying the dream forward with our own dream of a vibrant, thriving Saint Barnabas.  Please watch the video below to enjoy this special presentation of our Groundbreaking Ceremony held on Sunday, May 16 2021.


Ministry Minute | Dorothy Grayson

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Dorothy Grayson has belonged to Saint Barnabas for over 50 years. She has seen how previous generations have nourished this community of love and service. Listen now to Dorothy’s testimony as she asks an important question: Are we really going to stop now when there are new opportunities at our doorstep?

A Message from our Senior Warden | Jeff Bell

Sunday, March 1, 2020

It’s always wonderful to hear from our Senior Warden about the state of Saint Barnabas. In this exciting season, he offers a compelling new thought: The time is now.

Ministry Minute | Karen Owens

Sunday, February 23, 2020

On Sunday, February 23, we heard from Parishioner Karen Owens who spoke from her heart about the need to fund our Capital Project, Welcoming the Neighborhood.

Informational Forum

Sunday, February 9, 2020