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The final phase of our Welcoming the Neighborhood Capital Campaign has begun. Now the Children’s Center has been renovated and funds are in hand to redo our parking lot. Next, our focus is turning to our Hutton Hall kitchen and the central grounds. See details in this slideshow presentation shown to the congregation on Sunday, March 20. You can view the recording of the presentation by clicking here.

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The kitchen is the central hub of life at our church, and it needs your help. Since our last kitchen renovation, we’ve served more than 200,000 meals! That’s a lot of preparation! Our kitchen needs serious renovations to keep it a safe and clean place.

We plan to upgrade the appliances, add commercial grade flooring and new counters, and install a walk-in cooler/freezer. We’ll move and improve our Hutton Hall restrooms and make them more accessible for everyone.

The pandemic made us realize the potential reach we have beyond the walls of our church and with that video conferencing is vital to our future. So, we need to install video-conferencing capability and equipment to enable us to make disciples wherever they may be. Landscaping and signage upgrades are also planned across the church grounds. Just as we’ve revitalized our Children’s Center for the little ones, we hope to raise enough funding to freshen up our youth center, Sean’s Place, and the Learning Center, an important structure in cultivating faith formation.

Working together, we can change lives! Estimated cost to welcome our parishioners with an updated Hutton Hall kitchen, to increase outreach to new disciples with expanded video conferencing capability, and to upgrade landscape and signage: an additional $1.5 million. Additional funding will support adult and youth faith journeys with upgrades to Sean’s Place (our youth center) and the Learning Center.

How Can You Participate?

Pray: Your prayers are needed to make our vision a reality.

Learn More: Stop by our Information Table any Sunday during the campaign. Take a Tour, Attend a Gathering. Check out the FAQs.

Attend a Gathering: These will be fun gatherings with fellow parishioners—some at homes, a couple at church– to learn more in a casual, relaxed environment. Sign up by visiting the Information Table on the patio or click here, to choose a date and register.

Contribute:  Consider making a one-time donation or a pledge to be fulfilled in one- to five-year commitments. You can click here to contribute. Pledge cards can be found at the Information Table every Sunday, in the pews, or by contacting the church office.

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Almighty God, whose loving hand has entrusted us with all that we have: Grant us grace that we may honor you during this time of Welcoming the Neighborhood to Saint Barnabas. Give us wisdom to see the possibilities you’ve laid before us, give us courage to step out in faith to fulfill these possibilities, and give us hope that the tomorrow we are building will bear fruit for your Kingdom.