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Piece: Interludium in Modo Antico (Interlude in an Ancient Mode)

Composer: Alexander Glazunov

Musicians: Lisa Kemp-Eisenberg, violin; Andrew Sievers, viola; Claire Sievers, violin; Gail Rolland, cello

Statement from the Musicians

Interludium in Modo Antico (Interlude in an Ancient Mode) was written by Russian composer Alexander Glazunov in the 1880’s when he was still in his teens. Although other Russian composers such as Prokofiev and Shostakovich were expanding their musical ideas into a more experimental, contemporary realm, Glazunov stayed firmly rooted in the Romantic era of composition and was well thought of as the father of Russian chamber music.

The Interludium, written for string quartet, has been described as reminiscent of a Russian hymn that could have been part of a Russian Orthodox service, both in its tonality and its solemn mood. We chose it for Lent because of its poignant, lush and noble melody. It has lovely counterpoint and in the middle of the piece, individual instruments converse with each other in a brief but beautiful little fugue.

We feel that the pathos and beauty of the music perfectly represent the sadness and tragedy of the crucifixion and the events leading up to it, as well as the quiet, dignified splendor of the Resurrection.


To hear the piece and to view a conversation with the musicians, please play the video below:

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