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We unite with our community and with our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry as he calls the church to prayer following the attack on the Anglican hospital in Gaza.

We have all been invited in the last few days to join with Archbishop Hosam Naoum and the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, as well as Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby, to pray fervently for all those who have been hurt, harmed, or killed in this conflict.

My heart aches when I remember visiting al-Ahli Hospital in 2018 during Holy Week to meet the medical teams and all the people of that remarkable ministry. They were passionately committed to anyone who had need.

I know personally how faithful Episcopalians are in praying. During my surgery and recovery, you have prayed for me and for my healing, and I am more grateful and thankful than words can say.

Right now, I ask you to pray fervently for the birthplace of the Abrahamic faiths and for all its people. Pray for those who have been hurt, harmed, or killed—regardless of who they are or who did it.

Pray also for the leaders and people of the entire region, that they will remember God’s mercy, and that they will find the way to a just peace where all may live in safety and security as God intends.

Pray this week for President Biden, that he may be an advocate for immediate humanitarian access for those who desperately need food, water, and medicine—and for comfort and consolation for those who have been displaced and those who are grieving loved ones.

Please join me in praying:

For Peace: Eternal God, in whose perfect kingdom no sword is drawn
but the sword of righteousness, no strength known but the
strength of love: So mightily spread abroad your Spirit, that
all peoples may be gathered under the banner of the Prince of
Peace, as children of one Father; to whom be dominion and
glory, now and forever. Amen.

Prayers for the World, Book of Common Prayer, p. 815.

About The Rev. Jim Clark

Rector/Senior Pastor at Saint Barnabas. Follower of Jesus. Husband and father of four. Grateful Episcopalian. Energized by resting in the boundless Presence within. Enjoy being with my beloved, family, friends, work, photography, and fly-fishing.