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Words, Deeds, and Dragons

We are ready for our campers to come to Saint Barnabas!

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Below: Photos of staff and volunteers decorating our space to make it dragon and castle-themed!

Below: Behind the scenes filming our “word of the day” skits.


Below: Watch this video about our 2021 theme!

Summer Music + Arts Camp is an opportunity for kids entering Kindergarten through 6th grade to explore the world of fine arts and creativity with Saint Barnabas where all are welcome. Gently faith-based, this one-week camp is filled with fun and engaging activities focusing on the fine arts and the creative process. Through our theme of Words, Deeds, and Dragons, we will all become adventurous knights using noble words and doing valiant deeds. But sometimes dragons may come along that must be slayed! We are all on a quest to be our best selves. There are certain ways we can speak and act that make the world a better place. But sometimes DRAGONS, er–obstacles or challenges–get in the way and we have to SLAY them, so we’ll be Slaying It Safely all week!



About Saint Barnabas

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