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Faithful Feasts:

A Heartwarming Start to Our Pledge 2024 Campaign

At Saint Barnabas, our community thrives on the bonds we share and the traditions we uphold. It is with great joy and gratitude that we kicked off our first Faithful Feast, a pivotal part of our Pledge 2024 Campaign, themed “Celebrating our Past, Living into Our Future.” This special evening was hosted at the warm and welcoming residence of our dear friend and parishioner, Melinda Gulick, and co-hosted by Mark Burton, also a dear friend and parishioner. The event was facilitated by our Pledge Campaign Chair, Nancy Burton and we also had Deacon Susie Parker and The Rev. Jennifer Tucker, who led us in prayer. It was an enchanting journey of faith, togetherness, and community building.

A Night to Remember

The atmosphere at Melinda’s house was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by friends, old and new, the dinner gathering was filled with laughter, meaningful conversations, and delightful activities. The diverse group of people who signed up for this lovely evening were in for a treat. It was a night of profound connections, delicious food, desserts, wine, and pure, unbridled fun. The heart of Faithful Feasts lies in their ability to bring our community together in a spirit of celebration and in ways to support our beloved church. As we sat down to dinner, the aroma of delectable dishes filled the air. The menu was a feast for the senses, showcasing the culinary talents of our fellow parishioners and highlighting the importance of sharing a meal with one another.

However, Faithful Feasts are about more than just food; they are a platform for engagement and interaction. The evening was not limited to the dinner table; instead, it overflowed with vibrant conversations, laughter, and a sense of togetherness that is integral to our faith community. The highlight of the night was the Lego tower-building activity, where adults and kids alike showcased their creativity and teamwork.

A Gathering of Joy

In this particular dinner, children attended and added an extra layer of joy and exuberance to the evening. As they ran around with Melinda’s pups, laughter and smiles were in abundance. The presence of our young ones reminded us of the importance of passing on our values and traditions to the next generation, strengthening the bonds that hold us together. Our first Faithful Feast in the “Celebrating our Past, Living into Our Future” campaign was undeniably enriching to our Saint Barnabas community. It was a reminder of the beauty of coming together, sharing our stories, and embracing the diversity within our family of faith. These dinners serve as opportunities for us to learn, grow, and build bridges that transcend generations.

Join Us for the Next Faithful Feast

As we reflect on the wonderful experience of our first Faithful Feast, we invite you to join us for the upcoming dinners in the series. These gatherings are not just meals; they are celebrations of our community’s strength and resilience. By participating, you become a part of something larger than yourself, a tradition that extends far into our past and guides us into our future.

To sign up and be part of the next Faithful Feast, please click on the link below. We look forward to sharing more memorable moments with you as we celebrate our faith, our community, and the promise of a bright future together.
Let us continue to live into our future with hope, love, and shared experiences, as we celebrate our past and build lasting memories together.

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About Manny Fimbres

Manny Fimbres is our communications manager, also, a long-time member of Saint Barnabas and has a deep love for his church community. Email Manny Fimbres through the leadership page or call our office at 480-355-9758.