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The Jim Clark Contemplative Chapel Dedication Ceremony

In a heartfelt ceremony on a sunny but brisk Sunday morning, Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church gathered to honor the Reverend Jim Clark and his twenty-year tenure as the Rector of Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church by dedicating the “Jim Clark Contemplative Chapel.”

Don Bivens, the Senior Warden when Saint Barnabas called Rev. Jim in 2004, and Don Henninger, current Senior Warden, spoke to the love, compassion, courageous leadership, and faithfulness with which Rev. Jim has served the Saint Barnabas community since arriving in 2004.

Over the years Rev. Jim taught many centering prayer workshops and other contemplative spirituality programs in the chapel. His teaching and practice of a contemplative life leaves an indelible mark on the spirit and soul of Saint Barnabas. With profound reverence, we named the chapel in honor of Rev. Jim as a perpetual invitation to draw near to Jesus through contemplative spirituality.

It is our hope that, as Rev. Jim retires as rector of Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church, the church will continue to be a Christian community that practices, and is shaped by, contemplative spirituality.

Step inside The Jim Clark Contemplative Chapel and you’ll find yourself enveloped in an atmosphere of profound tranquility and reverence. Here, amidst prayer and quiet, Renaissance art mingles harmoniously with contemporary Mediterranean furnishings, creating a sanctuary that transcends time and space, where ancient wisdom converges with modern aspirations of the soul—a testament to the enduring call of contemplative life and practice.

This intimate space serves as a refuge for all souls seeking solace and renewal. Whether you come to offer up your prayers in quiet contemplation or simply to bask in the sacred stillness of the moment, the Jim Clark Contemplative Chapel welcomes you.

On Sunday mornings the Jim Clark Contemplative chapel is abuzz with the fervent whispers of children’s worship. During the week, though, the chapel welcomes all who seek a quiet refuge from a noisy world.

You are invited to connect with holy quiet in the tranquil embrace of this sacred space. We encourage you to reach out to our church office anytime you wish to visit the chapel. We welcome you, and you are welcome in this place.

In dedicating the Jim Clark Contemplative Chapel, we pay homage not only to Rev. Jim’s profound impact on our community, but also to the timeless values of faith, compassion, and spiritual enlightenment that he embodied. May this sacred sanctuary serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come, guiding us ever closer to the divine light that resides within us all.

May we find solace, strength, and communion with the God who is for us, now and always.

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