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This very unique service took us on a journey from the darkness of the tomb into the radiant light of Christ. The flickering flames of the new fire symbolized the enduring brilliance of Jesus’ light, a beacon never to be fully extinguished. With hearts filled with gratitude, we reflected on the countless ways in which God has delivered us.

This Easter Vigil at Saint Barnabas, the air buzzed with anticipation as the children prepared to take center stage. Their youthful voices rose in harmony as the children’s choir filled the sanctuary. Little ones stepped forward with reverence and enthusiastically read the ancient tales of faith passed down through generations.

But it wasn’t just their voices that echoed through our Sanctuary. Dressed in adorable costumes, the children brought to life the timeless narratives of Creation and Resurrection in a charming pageant. Their earnest portrayal captivated the congregation, transporting us back to pivotal moments in our shared spiritual journey.

Joy overflowed within the congregation as the Easter moment burst forth in all its glory. This, we knew, was the original Easter celebration—a testament to the enduring power of faith and the boundless love of Jesus.

Following the service, a sumptuous feast awaited in Hutton Hall, a fitting conclusion to a day filled with reverence and rejoicing. A casual pasta dinner and desserts abounded; an amazing spread to be savored in fellowship.

And so, with hearts lifted in gratitude and spirits buoyed by the promise of resurrection, we gathered to share in fellowship and feasting. For in this sacred community of Saint Barnabas, Easter Vigil was not merely a date on the calendar—it was a celebration of faith, family, and the enduring power of God’s love.

Re-visit the moments of the service by clicking the photo gallery below.

(A big thank you to Dina Horsman for providing some of the imagery)

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