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The 10:21 Service

It’s a breath of fresh air.

Experience elegance and peace in a way that invites you to rest in God’s presence. Join us for an alternative worship experience on Sunday mornings in our beautiful Gwen Harris Music Center.  This meditative, intimate service includes incredible music, time for communal silence, Eucharist, and a shared sermon with the 10:15am service. Discover this joyous addition to our Sunday worship at Saint Barnabas and see what people are talking about.

“The 10:21 service is…a place to Be still and know God together. The program is uncomplicated and spacious. We have moments of Taize, moments of pause, moments to listen to the sermon of the day, say the prayers of the people, and share Eucharist. At the end of the 10:21, we leave the service together more attentive to God’s presence and in every breath we take. It’s a breath of fresh air.” -Liza Bell, member of Saint Barnabas

Why does it start at 10:21am?
The 10:21 service coincides with a larger service in our sanctuary which starts at 10:15am. The sermon is given in the sanctuary and streamed into the 10:21 service–and guess what? There is a 6 minute delay before it reaches the music building! In true Saint Barnabas style, we embraced this unique quality, and thus the “10:21” service was born.

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