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Exploring Poetry as a Spiritual Practice

Z_o_o_m Meeting, 10am – 11:30am

PLEASE NOTE: We will not meet in August and will resume our monthly first Thursday schedule on September 5.

Not a writing workshop, not a book club, we are a circle of poetry lovers into whose midst the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit is invited. Our format is simple: We each share a poem that speaks to us on a spiritual level, taking turns reading our selections and sharing our reflections. Energizing and uplifting conversations emerge and, more often than not, so does a sacred theme that connects our diverse offerings. For more information, or to join the next meeting, contact Mary Stone, at 480-993-4507 for more information and for the Z_o_o_m login.

We use a Lectio Divina format to read and contemplate poems together and to share their significance in our individual lives.

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