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Sunday, November 17, 11:45am – 1pm | Hutton Hall

Please join The Barnabas Legacy Society and The Pastoral Care Team to investigate ways of passing along our dreams, hopes, desires, and experiences to our children, both young and old, through the understanding and expression of our personal values. We all feel our values in our bones, but it’s not always easy to put them into words. This workshop starts you on the path of articulating your values (and how you live them out) to the people most important in your life. This is the greatest legacy we can leave our children—a sense of deep and abiding values to guide them through their own lives. Whether expressed in written or oral communications, or especially in quiet examples, values reveal, characterize, and encapsulate our essential selves to those we will eventually leave behind. Comprehending your own values while your children are young will also give you a consistent place to return to as you help them understand why your family functions like it does and help them to understand that they can and should understand their own values as well. Lunch is provided and childcare is available (please RSVP if you would like care). Join us!

To RSVP, contact Phyllis Rector.