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Maybe you’ve seen us in our purple vests after Sunday worship, tidying up the sanctuary; that’s just a small part of our behind-the-scenes ministry for Saint Barnabas.

The Altar Guild serves the parish in worship by beautifying and organizing the sanctuary and other worship spaces, and tending the various vessels and instruments needed for our worship services at Saint Barnabas. The Guild is made up of a Saturday team who prepare the sanctuary for Sunday worship, and three Sunday teams who clean up and reset the altar for the worship services.

If you’d like to join us in our understated but vital ministry of tending Saint Barnabas’ worship spaces, there are several ways you can volunteer with the Altar Guild. You can join our regular rotation for a Saturday and/or Sunday team, or you can help us serve during a specific church season.

For more information about the Altar Guild, please contact Rowena Hanna.