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In the spirit of Contemplative Life at Saint Barnabas, we offer children an avenue for meditation and meditative movement on Wednesday nights. Led by a certified yoga teacher, Meditation and Movement class is informed by Christian tradition and language. The program is open to all kids in kindergarten through 8th grade.

After playground time wraps up at 5:30pm, kids ages 5+ are invited to participate in our new program that centers on three different elements:

Meditation – Through various forms of meditation and contemplation, we invite your young people to think deeply about God and life including guided meditations, labyrinths, breath work, and more.


Movement – Other forms of meditation include movement and connection with the body. Yoga and tai chi are examples of this. Participants will be encouraged to meditate through movement during each class.


Making – If time allows, participants with engage in creative expression, also known as “making.” Legos, collage, and coloring will be a few of the options.


We had great success with movement and meditation practices at our Saint Barnabas Arts Camp 2023. Each morning, campers engaged in a guided meditation and a few yoga poses to wrap up the teaching of the day while they prepared to “enter Earth’s atmosphere.” Our Interstellar All Together theme encouraged kids to reflect on unity in the midst of diversity.
Take a look at one of our camp meditation videos: