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We are grateful for the individuals who serve our country overseas and we want to encourage, comfort, and support those who serve so far from home. Our Military Family Support Mission partners with a local Phoenix group to send care packages to our troops around the globe. Care packages include items such as prayer cards, handmade crosses, pocket-sized Books of Common Prayer, neck coolers (for those serving in hot desert climates), and more.

We serve 300 individuals every month. You can help in several ways:
• Purchasing items in our Book & Gift Shop to be sent overseas
• Preparing crosses and prayer cards every week with our Women’s Ministries Workshop Group
• Attending a packing party. Parties are held on the last Wednesday of each month at Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant off the I-17 in Phoenix.

Troops are invited to write to us and we’ve received incredibly meaningful letters which are available to read in our Saint Barnabas Book & Gift Shop on Sunday mornings or any time.
To learn more, please contact Tammy Underwood