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Jesus called even the littlest of children to himself. Our nursery is attended by experienced and nurturing Saint Barnabas nursery staff each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, and during special church-sponsored events. Children learn about being at church simply by being in a loving environment a little different than home, a little different than daycare, but with all the same love and care that helps them know they are safe and valued. Parents are welcome to pick up their children during the announcements to participate in holy communion.

Who: Children ages 6 weeks-3 years

When: Sundays 10am-12pm (summer hours)

Sundays 8:45am-11:45am (after Labor Day and before Memorial Day)

Where: Children’s Center (north side of campus near the playground)

Youth Volunteers: Please read through the entire page. A link to the application can be found at the bottom.

If you plan to bring your child to our nursery for the first time, please fill out the Saint Barnabas Family Registration form online.

Nursery FAQs

Our mission is to provide a safe, loving environment for children to learn about being at church in a way that helps them know they are valued.

Nursery Policies

Nursery childcare is provided for infants (who are at least six weeks old) through the age of three, Sunday mornings from 8:45am to 11:45am. Reservations or pre-registration are not necessary; however, please remain on the church property while your child is in nursery care.

Please help us provide optimal care by observing the following:

  • Fill out the attendance sheet with up-to-date information
  • Alert the nursery staff of any allergies your child may have
  • Label all personal items
  • Please do not bring toys from home other than comfort items. Our nursery staff are not allowed to administer medication.

Who will care for my baby while I am in a worship service?

Our nursery is attended by experienced and nurturing Saint Barnabas staff members (and during special church-sponsored events by request). Each of our staff and volunteers has undergone screening and completed the Safeguarding God’s Children Program, a training process that is accompanied by expert advice, policy development, and resources from experienced child protection practitioners.

How do I check in my baby?

At the time of check-in, a nursery staff member will greet you. You will be asked to sign in and provide us with a cell phone number. If we need to contact you during the service, we will send you a text message (please leave your cell phone on vibrate/silent during the service). If your child cries, our caring nursery staff will immediately soothe your child.

What do I bring?

Please label all personal items with your child’s first and last name before arriving. We suggest that you bring the following items in a labeled diaper bag:

  • Two diapers or pull-ups
  • Pacifier, lovey, or other comfort item
  • A bottle or cup of milk, formula, juice, or water (this is suggested even for mothers who nurse).

As long as bottles have water in them and formula pre-measured, bottles do not need to be pre-mixed.

Can my baby join me for holy communion during the worship service?

Yes! Parents are welcome to pick up their children during the announcements portion of the service so that everyone may participate in holy communion.

What snacks are available for my child?

We do not provide snacks in the nursery at this time. If your child will need to eat something during their time in the nursery, please bring a nut-free snack and let the staff know where it will be kept.

Well-Child Policy

For the protection of your child and all children in our ministry, we cannot accept a child with a runny nose, fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea, eye infection, or any other signs of illness. We request that you not place your child in the nursery while they are at risk of exposing other children to their illness. Thank you in advance for helping us to keep everyone in our nursery healthy.

Security Policy

Because the safety of your child is our top priority, parents are required to follow these procedures:

  1. On bringing your child to the nursery entrance, sign in and provide a contact cell phone number on the sheet provided.
  2. Unless the family is known to the nursery worker on duty, the child will be released only to the person who signed in.

Youth Volunteer Application

For more information, please contact Sarah Petersen.