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If you are seeking time away from the busyness and demands of everyday life or if you are wishing for a space that allows your mind, body, and spirit to surrender to God’s presence, we hope you’ll make time to attend a retreat. A common practice in many spiritual traditions, retreats offer us a peaceful environment free of daily distractions so that we might open ourselves to a deeper communion with God…

Saint Barnabas also partners with the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, Arizona to offer three transformative retreats every year, each with a different design.

Upcoming Retreats

Mar 14-17 2019
 Silent Directed retreat
w/ Rev. Jim Clark
(Registration now closed)

Over the course of four days, refresh your soul through three periods of shared silence each day, plus the morning and afternoon group conferences with Rev. Jim. His thought provoking, and inspiring reflections set the tone for each day. There are opportunities to ask questions during the conferences and time to reflect on suggested readings. The topic of Rev. Jim’s reflections will be announced after the first of the year. Silence is honored throughout the day during those times between the group conferences. Maintaining silence offers participants a sacred place to notice and welcome God’s healing presence. A place for joy and renewal. Each day includes ample time to walk the labyrinth, explore the beauty of the desert, read, journal, or simply rest.  Spiritual direction and massage are available by appointment.

May 9-12 2019 
 Centering Prayer Silent Directed Retreat
w/ Liza Bell
This retreat welcomes both newcomers to a practice of Silence, and those who have a practice yet desire a refresher on the method and fruits of their practice.

Imagine giving yourself the time to just BE

Facilitated by Liza Bell, retreatants have the opportunity to explore and develop a greater understanding of the benefits, and nuances of the practice of centering prayer.* The first day offers an in-depth look at the practice itself, utilizing selected teachings of Thomas Keating, Rev. Jim Clark, and James Finley. The remaining time involves the experiential nature of group silence which facilitates a gentle interior silence, opening our hearts to God’s divine therapy.

There will be spacious time to rest, read, and regenerate. A labyrinth is available, as well as massage and hiking trails. Three healthy and beautiful meals a day are offered, and the dining room is always open for coffee/tea, water bottle refills, and fresh fruit.

*Please note: This retreat is not only for those seeking to experience the benefits of a silent retreat for the first time. It is also for those with a dedicated prayer practice who look to renew, refresh or strengthen their practice of silence. *

**Recommended reading prior to attending these retreats is Open Mind, Open Heart by Fr. Thomas Keating.

To register contact Debbie Moore (508) 942-8953 or

Nov 14-17 2019
   Fall Silent Retreat
w/ Liza Bell

The purpose of this retreat facilitated by Liza Bell is to assist the participants to enter into a more intimate silence in a nurturing, supportive environment that combines both solitude and community. It is designed for those with some experience of Centering Prayer, or similar daily practice of silence/meditation. Each day includes three periods of Centering Prayer and walking meditation. Silence is honored throughout each day giving participants’ a sacred place to attend to the longings of their heart and welcome God’s healing presence. A place for joy and renewal, the retreats include ample time to walk the labyrinth, explore the beauty of the desert, read, journal, or simply rest.

Spiritual direction and massage are available by appointment.

For more information, contact Debbie Moore (508) 942-8953 or


Before you attend a retreat you might consider:

  • Having a daily practice of silence for a few months prior to the Fall Silent Retreat  is highly recommended but not required.
  • Those who have never had a practice of silence may find one the May spring retreat a good starting place.
  • To make your experience and understanding of the Centering Prayer Process and the Language used, we recommend reading Open Mind, Open Heartby Thomas Keating before attending our retreats
  • Attending a workshop on centering prayer, centering prayer weekly groups, and/or Quiet Days will offer valuable understanding of a practice of silence and its fruits; which would enhance your retreat experience measurably.