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If you are seeking time away from the busyness and demands of everyday life or if you are wishing for a space that allows your mind, body, and spirit to surrender to God’s presence, we hope you’ll make time to attend a retreat. A common practice in many spiritual traditions, retreats offer us a peaceful environment free of daily distractions so that we might open ourselves to a deeper communion with God.

Saint Barnabas also partners with the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tuscon, Arizona to offer two transformative retreats every year.

Spring Directed Silent Retreat

Over the course of four days, the schedule of our Spring Directed Silent Retreat offers individual silence, rest, walking the labyrinth, journaling, and spiritual reading, as well as three periods of shared silence each day. There are morning and afternoon conferences with Fr. Jim Clark on a chosen contemplative life topic. All meals are provided, and each person has their own private room. Rooms to accommodate two people are also available.

Fall Silent Retreat

Also four days, the Fall Silent Retreat shares the same schedule design as the Spring Directed Silent Retreat but replaces the morning and afternoon conferences with extended periods of silence to help nurture sustained receptivity to God’s presence and action within. Each afternoon, a one hour video on the contemplative dimension of the spiritual journey is available to view for those interested. Appointments with a spiritual director can be made available.  All meals are provided and each person has their own private room. Rooms to accommodate two people are also available.

Before you attend a retreat

Having a daily practice of silence for a few months prior to the Fall Silent Retreat is recommended but not required. Those who have never had a practice of silence may find the Spring Directed Silent retreat a good starting place.

Attending a workshop on centering prayer, centering prayer weekly groups, and/or Quiet Days will offer valuable understanding of a practice of silence and its fruits; which would enhance your retreat experience measurably.

Upcoming Retreats

Silent Directed Retreat

with The Rev. Jim Clark

March 14-17, 2019 | Redemptorist Renewal Center

Centering Prayer Retreat

A retreat for Newcomers to the Practice of centering prayer

May 9-12, 2019 | Redemptorist Renewal Center

Becoming a Presence of Peace in the World:
The Arts of Acceptance, Listening and Compassion

(PAST) Join us on Saturday, March 17, 2018 for a one-day retreat at Saint Barnabas featuring James Finley PHD. Click here to learn more and for registration. 


To attend a retreat or for more information, please contact Liza Bell: (602)527-6161 or