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I give thanks to God for Saint Barnabas because…

“This is my extended family. Saint Barnabas feeds my soul and keeps me connected to all that is important.”

“We are all encouraged to live into being ministers.”

“Saint Barnabas gave me the new life that I so desperately needed.”


“Youth ministry, Bible study, friends and family, music, and support.”

“I’m thankful for the love of Christ that I see in the eyes of the people here.”

“The clergy and staff work diligently to create a loving, giving and caring spiritual community.”

“Saint Barnabas us where I live out my baptismal covenant to serve, to be a minister, and to follow Jesus.”


“The people at Saint Barnabas are my family…the music stays in my head as I praise God with every breath.”

“I have a strong sense of family here. Saint Barnabas is a place where Jesus is known and followed.”

“This is the place where my relationship with Jesus Christ is inspired and grows from the teaching, study, and prayers.”

“We often get to drink wine together at gatherings other than communion!”


“Saint Barnabas is a place that encourages me to grow spiritually, which enriches EVERY PART OF MY LIFE. There are many wonderful role models for me to learn from.”

“I seek out people who serve – Saint Barnabas is full of them.”

“The Valley is better for the work and gifts shared by the people of Saint Barnabas.”

“I’m in awe and wonder as I observe how involved so many people are in the service of others.”


“This is my home and family in a real, loving way.”

Words and comments that appear here have been shared anonymously by the members of Saint Barnabas in response to this prompt: “I give thanks to God for Saint Barnabas because…”