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We’d like to help you get a name tag for Welcome Sunday!

Have you ever been embarrassed to ask someone their name? Perhaps you’ve met them before or they’ve introduced themselves to you a few times. It can be embarrassing, but it can also be expected in a community of hundreds of people. Here are 2 suggestions to help. First, consider adopting a policy of “name amnesty.” It is a practice in which we extend and receive grace in reintroducing ourselves without judgment or taking offense. Second, take the opportunity to wear your nametag while you are at church. As we continue to regather from the pandemic, it is so helpful to be able to put a name to a face and it lessens the embarrassment of asking for a reintroduction.

Nametags can be found on the patio on the steel pillars before worship. If you do not yet have a name tag, or if your name tag went missing during the pandemic, consider getting one! We would love as many people as possible to have their own name tag on Welcome Sunday. In order for us to receive the name tags by Welcome Sunday, we would need to order them by Monday, August 29th. To order a nametag, you can fill out a name tag request at the welcome table on the patio on Sunday


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