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Welcome Home

September 12 | in Hutton Hall and on Z_o_o_m

The phrase Welcome Sunday resonates in our souls more deeply this year. It is an opportunity to come back together and overcome the distances the pandemic placed between us. We invite you to return to your parish home — come back to the community in person — and find your place at a table where all are welcome. This will be the first time our entire community will gather for a comforting meal together in a long time. We will meet in Hutton Hall at 9am, have breakfast with homemade cinnamon rolls, and discuss ways to get connected and rise up as a community of disciples. No masks are required for those who are vaccinated. Joining us on Zoom? There may not be cinnamon rolls, but we will have a special treat just for our online viewers too! Sign up for our email list for z_o_o_m login information (click here).

• Please note that our main worship service will return to 10:15am beginning Welcome Sunday.

• Sunday School Begins at 9am.

• Our nursery is open too!

• No sign-up required to attend!

We hope you’ll join us for worship and an all-parish breakfast and discussion on Sunday, September 12 at 9am in Hutton Hall to hear from Rev. Jim about where we’ve been and where we’re headed!

The 9am Hour
– All-Parish Breakfast and Discussion

Sunday School
Adult Choir