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During this time of the global pandemic of Covid-19, we are all looking for ways to help our fellow humans on the journey. In the midst of loss and pain, helping others gives us a renewed sense of who God made us to be. Thank you  for continually seeking to be the hands and feet of Christ in this remarkably difficult season in human history.

Check back here regularly when you feel restless to serve–we will try to help you find a way.

Ways to Help

1. Stay Home. As much as you’re able, you join the whole human family if you are able to stay out of the way! That means both that you don’t put yourself at risk, or anyone else. And that makes a huge difference for our overworked healthcare workers.





2. Wear A Mask. If you have to go out, that is just part of reality. But wearing a mask slows the spread both from you to others and from others to you. It also shows a commitment to the community and conscientiousness about the collective safety of our world. Wearing a mask shows you take this seriously and you care about your neighbor’s health. You will give others comfort when you show that you care. Don’t have a mask? Here’s a video by our very own Deacon Susie that shows you how to make one at home. 


3. Sew Masks for Those in Need. Safety masks are needed for many groups throughout Arizona. Saint Barnabas will continue to designate places where the masks can be sent. Learn more about how you can help and where to send them by clicking here.





4. Donate to Food Banks. Millions and millions of Americans are out of work and for a host of reasons, did not have extra resources to survive the loss of work so suddenly. Food Banks are being utilized at unparalleled levels. They need us to donate.

    1. When you pick up food at the store, grab whatever extra non-perishable items you can afford and drop them at your local food bank.
    2. When you order online from Costco or the grocery store, the same applies. You can order a case of canned food from Costco, which will go a long way for many families. When it’s delivered to you, you can make an outing of dropping off your donations! I don’t know about you, but leaving the house for any reason nowadays feels exciting!
    3. Saint Barnabas has a relationship with Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank in Chandler, but there’s also a food pantry at St. Mark’s in Mesa, the Emergency Food Bank for PV on 32nd just north of Shea, and St. Mary’s Food Bank of Phoenix which is often a hub for other smaller banks so they could use all they can get. Look online for what’s closest to you and give all you can.