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Greeters are often the first and last people you’ll meet when you worship at Saint Barnabas; we’re there on the patio to welcome you before a service, and we’ll be there afterwards to chat and get to know you, and help you get to know Saint Barnabas more fully. You’ve taken the step to come worship with us, so we want to make it an inviting, warm, simple process. As greeters, our primary focus is on newcomers, but our impact extends to every person who comes to worship with us at Saint Barnabas.

We’re always looking for new greeters to join our team. You can serve before or after a church service, you can stand in one place on the patio or rove around to find people who look like they need help, or you can position yourself near the parking areas to be a resource for people finding their way around campus. The only requirements for being a greeter are friendliness and openness; we can train you on the specifics of where and how to direct people.

If you’re interested in becoming a greeter, please contact The Rev. Robert Berra.